Clojure Deref (May 19, 2023)

Clojure Deref (May 19, 2023)

19 May 2023
Alex Miller

Welcome to the Clojure Deref! This is a weekly link/news roundup for the Clojure ecosystem. (@ClojureDeref RSS)


As we approach about 2 years of doing the Deref, I think it has become a useful weekly signal of what’s going on in the Clojure world and I spend about an hour or so making it each week. It occurs to me that maybe some helpful person in the community would be interested in doing (or automating) the link collection work. If you’d be interested in doing this, drop me a line on Clojurians slack in #clojure-dev.

Libraries and Tools

New releases and tools this week:

  • flow-storm-debugger 3.6.0 - A debugger for Clojure and ClojureScript with some unique features

  • Calva 2.0.359 - Clojure & ClojureScript Interactive Programming for VS Code

  • Datomic Pro 1.0.6733 - Datomic Pro database

  • Donut - Sweet tools to build your online business

  • clj-kondo 2023.05.18 - Static analyzer and linter for Clojure code that sparks joy

  • re-dash 0.1.0 - A ClojureDart (re)framework for building user interfaces, leveraging Flutter

  • hermes 1.2.1190 - A library and microservice implementing the health and care terminology SNOMED CT

  • recife 0.18.0 - A Clojure model checker (using the TLA+/TLC engine)

  • clojure-clr-starter - A Dockerized mini-project for testing ClojureCLR

  • deps.add-lib - Clojure 1.12’s add-lib feature for leiningen and/or other environments without a specific version of the clojure CLI

  • overarch - OverArch provides architecture description as data based on C4 models, opening multiple use cases for this data

  • deps.clj - A faithful port of the clojure CLI bash script to Clojure

  • manifold 0.4.1 - A compatibility layer for event-driven abstractions

  • cherry 0.0.2 - Experimental ClojureScript to ES6 module compiler

  • splint 1.5.0 - A Clojure linter focused on style and code shape