Clojure Deref (Feb 28, 2022)

Clojure Deref (Feb 28, 2022)

28 February 2022
Alex Miller

Welcome to the Clojure Deref! This is a weekly link/news roundup for the Clojure ecosystem. (@ClojureDeref RSS)


The State of Clojure 2022 Survey is now open! We’re getting a bit of a late start this year but now is the time to chip in and let us know how things are going. As always, we are are trying to get a good sampling of the community and it doesn’t take long to complete, so your input is much appreciated.

Cognitect and Nubank are now supporting David Miller, who has been the maintainer of ClojureCLR for many years. He has ambitious plans for a significant rewrite of the project - please check him out if you want to sponsor that work as well.

Libraries and Tools

New releases and tools this week:

  • Try Clojure

  • fen 0.1.17 - Chess FEN parser written in Clojure

  • emacs-clj-deps-new - Emacs interface to deps-new and clj-new

  • headlessui-reagent - reagent wrappers for @headlessui/react components

  • pathom3 2022.02.25-alpha - A library for navigating data

  • pathom3-graphql - GraphQL Integration for Pathom 3

  • pathom-viz 2022.2.21 - Visualization tools for Pathom

  • clj-yaml 0.7.108 - YAML encoding and decoding for Clojure

  • gost 0.1.1 - Bouncycastle wrapper for Clojure to work with GOST

  • clojure-deps-edn - User level aliases and Clojure CLI configuration for deps.edn based projects

  • v0.8.0 - Clojure builds as Clojure programs

  • core.logic 1.0.1 - A logic programming library for Clojure & ClojureScript

  • scittle 0.1.2 - The Small Clojure Interpreter exposed for usage in browser script tags

  • component 1.1.0 - Managed lifecycle of stateful objects in Clojure

  • clj-otel 0.1.0 - An idiomatic Clojure API for adding telemetry to your libraries and applications using OpenTelemetry

  • kpow-secure - A library for encrypted Kafka configuration with Java AES encryption and PBKDF2 master key generation

  • coldbrew 1.0.0 - Easy to use Clojure wrappers for Caffeine

  • martian 0.1.21 - The HTTP abstraction library for Clojure/script, supporting OpenAPI, Swagger, Schema, re-frame and more

  • pathetic 2.1 - Utility Library for handling JSONPath and navigating JSON structures

  • fs 0.1.3 - File system utility library

  • zorgrank - ZorgRank API

  • calva 2.0.245 - Clojure & ClojureScript Interactive Programming for VS Code

  • clojure-lsp 2022.02.23-12.12.12 - Clojure(script) Language Server (LSP) implementation

  • clj-py-r-template 1.6.0 - Clojure polyglot clj-template

  • datalevin 0.5.31 - A simple, fast and versatile Datalog database

  • babashka 0.7.6 - Native, fast starting Clojure interpreter for scripting

  • spire 0.1.0-alpha.17 - pragmatic provisioning using clojure

  • asami 2.2.4 - A graph store for Clojure and ClojureScript

  • honeysql 2.2.868 - Turn Clojure data structures into SQL

  • Tutkain 0.13.0 (alpha) - A Sublime Text package for interactive Clojure development

  • clj-watson 3.0.1 - clojure deps SCA