Welcome to the new!

Welcome to the new!

14 January 2016
Alex Miller

You are reading this on the newly updated Clojure web site! The first thing you will notice is that everything got a fresh coat of paint and the design is a big step forward. Essentially all of the old page content has been moved over to the new site, however some things are in new locations - in virtually all of those cases, you should find redirects taking you to the new location.

There are also several new things on the site:

  • News - periodically we will post topical news here about new features, releases, or other things of note - these also appear as links on the home page

  • Events - there is now a page for each upcoming Clojure event, also with links on the home page

  • Guides - a new section for building out community guides and tutorials

Most importantly, all of the site content is stored in a repository and open for pull requests from contributors with a signed contributor agreement. If you are interested in adding or changing content, please check out the page on site contributions and the current issues list.