Ways to Contribute

There are many ways to make a meaningful contribution to the Clojure community:

  • Advocate for the use of Clojure in your organization

  • Use Clojure and share your experience via talks, blogs, etc

  • Start or join a local meetup

  • Help new Clojure users in Slack or other forums

  • Create or provide patches to open source libraries

  • Create or improve Clojure tools

  • Write guides or reference documentation for libraries

  • Write intros or getting started guides for tools

  • Create Clojure podcasts, screencasts, or videos

  • Give a talk at a conference

  • Write an article or book

  • Start a Clojure podcast

  • Start a Clojure conference or join the organization team for an existing one

  • Test alpha or beta releases of Clojure on your code base and provide feedback

Editing this Site

If you are writing a guide, making an event, or creating a resource, please consider contributing to this web site, All of the content is stored in GitHub and pull requests and issues are accepted. For more information on how to contribute, see the page on contributing to the site. Every page has a link to the corresponding source file in the bottom right corner. If you have an idea for a new guide or updated documentation, please file an issue for discussion.

Filing Bugs

If you have found a bug on Clojure, ClojureScript, or other Clojure projects, please first consider verifying your assumptions on the mailing list, Clojurians Slack, or other places Clojurists can give you feedback.

To file a bug, you can use the Clojure support portal. No account or contributor agreement is needed to file an issue. Someone on the core team will evaluate your request and either transfer it into a ticket, link it to an existing ticket, or resolve it in the appropriate way.

We are currently evaluating other systems for collecting and prioritizing enhancement requests.

Clojure Development

Clojure was created by Rich Hickey and is developed by a core team of developers at Cognitect, which supports this work. The Clojure development team values a measured and thoughtful approach to language evolution with a strong emphasis on maintaining backward compatibility. See Development for more information on Clojure development.