Clojure Deref (Apr 21, 2023)

Clojure Deref (Apr 21, 2023)

21 April 2023
Alex Miller

Welcome to the Clojure Deref! This is a weekly link/news roundup for the Clojure ecosystem. (@ClojureDeref RSS)


What a week! I’m not sure if it seems busier because are we in the pre-Conj release crush or if I’m imagining it, but lots of stuff is happening (and I sense we aren’t done with big announcements before Conj yet).

Speaking of the Conj, it’s next week! If you want to be there in person Apr 27-28 in Durham, NC or streaming online, tickets are still available. I can’t wait to see all of you again for the first time in too long. Plus, a new Rich Hickey talk, wonder what that will include?

And if you like in-person conferences but are in Europe, Babashka Conf was announced this week for June 10th in Berlin! Maybe you’ll bb there?

Lots of other announcements and cool links below, too many to highlight here, check them all out…​.

Libraries and Tools

New releases and tools this week:

  • Datomic On-prem 1.0.6711

  • Clojure 1.12.0-alpha3 - small release rolling back one patch for now

  • emmy 0.30.0 - The Emmy Computer Algebra System

  • flow-storm-debugger 3.4 - A debugger for Clojure and ClojureScript with some unique features

  • portfolio 2023.04.20 - Develop ClojureScript UI components in isolation in a "visual REPL"

  • clojure-lsp 2023.04;19-12.42.29 - Clojure & ClojureScript Language Server (LSP) implementation

  • calva 2.0.352 - Clojure & ClojureScript Interactive Programming for VS Code

  • babashka 1.3.178 - Native, fast starting Clojure interpreter for scripting

  • phosphor-clj 2023.04.21 - Phosphor Icons as hiccup for Clojure and ClojureScript

  • project-templates 2023.04.19 - Practicalli project templates

  • clj-jq 2.0.0 - Clojure wrapper for the jackson-jq

  • promisespromises 3.0.359-alpha1 - A Clojure+Script asynchronous streams API

  • deepstate - A ClojureScript micro-library for managing state in a Helix / React app

  • martian 0.1.23 - The HTTP abstraction library for Clojure/script, supporting OpenAPI, Swagger, Schema, re-frame and more

  • cli 0.7.51 - Turn Clojure functions into CLIs!

  • mina 0.1.17 - Helidon/Nima ring adapter - using loom/java20+

  • honeysql 2.4.1026 - Turn Clojure data structures into SQL

  • pod-babashka-go-sqlite3 0.1.2 - A babashka pod for interacting with sqlite3

  • test-pipeline 0.6 - Break tests into reusable, composable steps

  • http-client 0.1.8 - HTTP client for Clojure and Babashka built on

  • kaocha-cljs 1.5.156 - ClojureScript support for Kaocha

  • deps-try 0.4.0 - Try out Clojure libraries via rebel-readline

  • kaocha-cucumber 0.10.94 - Cucumber support for Kaocha

  • deps.clj - A faithful port of the clojure CLI bash script to Clojure

  • magichat - A lisp dialogue for talking to multimodal LLMs