Dates: Apr 27, 2023 - Apr 28, 2023
Location: online

Clojure/Conj 2023

Clojure/conj 2023 welcomes you back to Durham, after its discontinuation following the COVID-19 pandemic. This 11th edition will be a two-day program, with an in-person audience of over 400 people and streaming access. Founded in 2010, the conference is a great place to meet worldwide Clojure developers and enthusiasts, and learn about what is happening in the language, the community, and in companies using Clojure.


Two days of cutting-edge Clojure, ClojureScript and functional programming talks
Over 400 Clojure developers from around the world
Conference Swag and sponsor tables
Networking for information, sales and employment
All-day beverages and snacks
Livestreaming and edited conference video publishing


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